When it comes to Mother's Day, we first think of giving carnations as gifts, right? However, only sending carnations may not be enough to express our love and gratitude to mom. At that time, choosing exquisite jewels must be a wonderful gift idea.

On this special festival, a thoughtful gift can make our mom feel pretty touched. Let's dress up this girl beautifully and gratify her wishes to make her day to the fullest. A suitable gift is always difficult to choose. WITHINHAND has prepared some practical suggestions for you here.

1. Withinhand Blue Heart Cut 2 CT Sparkling Vintage Ring

We all love mother from the bottom of our hearts. You may not be able to fully let mom know how much you love her, but you can let her know more about your love by choosing this blue heart ring as a meaningful Mother’s Day gift. Although this sapphire ring is only 2 carats, it is set with 2 circles of small diamonds, making it even more glittering.

2. Withinhand Yellow Halo Cushion Cut 2.5 CT Engagement Ring

Luxurious style, bright color and 2.5 carat large yellow gemstone make this ring stand out. If mom usually likes wearing dark clothes, she can choose this shiny ring to match her beautiful clothes! That can bring herself back to her girlhood. She's not only a mother, but also an attractive teenage girl on Mother's Day.

3. Withinhand Blue Oval Cut 5 CT Vintage Glittering Ring

Vintage style ring is also a good choice. How about a ring that shines with retro style? A 5-carat blue gemstone ring clustered with sparkling diamonds is worn on your mom's hand, dressing up mom in a totally different style, making her to be the most beautiful person on Mother's Day.

4. Withinhand Green Emerald Created Vintage Necklace

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. If your mom's birthday is in May, then congratulations, this emerald necklace pendant will be a perfect birthday and Mother's Day gift. Noble and elegant emerald stones not only symbolize happiness, but also symbolize love and life. It represents a spring full of vitality. Give this pendant to mom and wish her happiness and health forever!

5. Withinhand French Light Luxury Pearl Ring

No matter which age group is suitable for wearing pearl jewelry, people have their own charm when wearing pearl jewelry at different ages. Pearl jewelry is also a popular item this year. Give your mother a pearl jewelry, dress her up as a beautiful girl, and let her return to her younger self on Mother's Day.

Pearl jewelry has its own elegant quality. Pearl jewelry for mother also represents your best blessing. Give mom a pearl necklace, ring or earrings, and send her our deepest blessings.

In addition to these 5 recommended gifts, the other products in WITHINHAND are also very exquisite. There must be one suitable for your mom.

Give your dear mom the best gift on this coming Mother's Day, let her have a good time on this special festival.