👰‍♀🤵Planning to get married this wedding season? Congratulations! You've come to the right place! It is critical to remember that your wedding should reflect your preferences. Withinhand's charming, sophisticated designs will complete your bridal outfit! 

1.  Withinhand White Pear Cut 2.5 CT Bridal Set 

(Stacking, Standard wedding band, Classic style, A nod to traditional glamour)

If you are an elegant woman who prefers a traditional wedding, then the ring is for you! Pear cut pays a nod to traditional glamour and embodies classic elegance, beauty, and grace.

What you may not know is that this timeless and classic shape has been around for centuries and is still loved and passed down by many people. Because of its rich history and symbolism, many celebrities have chosen to wear this cut and flaunt it on social media platforms.


2. Withinhand White Sparkling Emerald Created 2 CT Bridal Set

(Emerald cut, Perfect square, Individualized, Independent Women)

A self-sufficient bride deserves a wedding band that reflects her personality. An emerald-cut diamond ring is the epitome of independence. This type of diamond cut is a perfect square for representing a woman's strength.

A strong woman who makes no compromise would not be swayed by the opinions of others; she will always believe in herself and strive to be a better woman, braver, and gentler to others every day.


3. Withinhand White 4.5 CT Oval Double Halo Sterling Silver Ring Set

(Big diamond, Sparkle, Random matching, Oval cut)

You probably want people to notice the sparkle on your finger at your wedding. Let’s see this one - 4.5 CT Ring. It definitely glitters and catches everyone's attention.

This oval shape is not simply round, with no sharp angular lines, reflecting the gentleness and open-mindedness of one's heart, but it also represents rebirth, fertility, and family, which can instill a new way of life in you.


4. Withinhand Pink Emerald Cut 7.8 CT Eternity Band Ring

(Unique, Romantic, Striking, Feminine)

When it comes to wedding bands, a white diamond is obviously the classic choice. But colored gemstone is the way to go for those who want something unique, and a pink diamond is elegant, feminine, and undeniably romantic. It is undoubtedly worthwhile to make the investment.

This beautiful ring is striking, with two circles of white diamonds wrapped around a unique Radiant cut pink diamond, sparkling, romantic and feminine.

5. Withinhand White Heart Created Wedding Band

(Less is more, Simple design, Versatile, Set off long fingers)

Worried about the complexity of the wedding rings shown above? Perhaps you believe that less is more.

You can also go with this ring, which has a minimalist design, a heart cut, and a thin ring to maximize your finger's slimness. Since wedding rings must be worn every day, the simple design can be matched with a variety of clothing styles and you can never go wrong.


đź’—WITHINHAND wants to be a part of your momentous day, accompanying the bride-to-be through this wonderful wedding season, witnessing the beauty of love and the completion of the wedding.

We offer you cost-effective wedding rings with discounts of up to 45% on our summer sale. Choose what you prefer and what you are comfortable in. Enjoy your Special Day!